publications etc.

Other people have decided to publish my work in print or online. Here are all the times that has happened:

The Boston Globe, "Boston's 'Cop Slide' became so popular that the city had to put up barricades at night" (photography)

Misery Tourism, "Computerfriend" (game, 6/22/22)

Not Deer Magazine, "Look for their Eyes" (short story, 3/28/22)

Folktales, "Ned" (short story, print. read here. 11/13/20)

I have also been interviewed on occasion.

Hyba Ouazzani for Scrittorio, Winter 2023 - on Interactive Fiction and Universal Hologram (Dec. 31, 2023)

Caroline Delbert for Medium - Kit Riemer's well researched, slightly unhinged Computerfriend (June 15, 2022)