publications / interviews / awards

Other people have decided to publish my work in print or online. Here are all the times this has happened:

The Boston Globe, "Boston's 'Cop Slide' became so popular that the city had to put up barricades at night" (photography)

Misery Tourism, "Computerfriend" (game, 6/22/22)

Not Deer Magazine, "Look for their Eyes" (short story, 3/28/22)

Folktales, "Ned" (short story, print. read here. 11/13/20)

I have also been interviewed on occasion.

Hyba Ouazzani for Scrittorio, Winter 2023 - on Interactive Fiction and Universal Hologram (Dec. 31, 2023)

Caroline Delbert for Medium - Kit Riemer's well researched, slightly unhinged Computerfriend (June 15, 2022)

My work has received the following awards:

Computerfriend received the 2022 IFDB Award for Outstanding Twine Game of 2022 - Author’s Choice.

Computerfriend received the 2022 XYZZY Award for Best Individual NPC and was nominated for Best Game, Best Writing, and Best Use of Multimedia.

Computerfriend received 38th place in the 2023 edition of the Interactive Fiction Top 50 of All Time.