short projects


(1,500 words. April 9, 2024)

a story about communication

"The Shipwreck"

(2018 words. April 9, 2024)

another story about communication


(2,404 words. April 9, 2024)

dont make me say it a third time


(2773 words. Feb. 2024)

a short, romantic game that serves as a postface to Computerfriend. written for Smoochie Jam '24

"The Property Brothers"

(1,243 words. Oct. 26, 2023)


(264 words. June 14, 2023)

a very short language game

"Look for Their Eyes"

(2,330 words. March 2022)

there's stuff going on in those woods thatll make you say "i dont like the stuff going on in those woods"

"Let Me Tell You Who You Are"

(Feb. 2022)

horror flash fic embedded in uquiz parody

A review of baseball (the sport) 

(2,755 words. Jan. 2021)

"Unusual Destiny"

(4,118 words. 2020)

yet another story about communication

cw: violence, body horror (whatever that means), self-harm


(2,055 words. 2018, rev. 2020)

sci fi. sort of a "boy and his dog" type thing.

published in the lit journal "Folktales" by North Adams' Common Folk collective. buy it from them or read it online here.